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SOTAOG delivers 10X ROI within 30 days

  • Monitoring assets together

    Predictive Operations

    Our platform utilizes AI and machine learning to forecast interdependencies and predict inefficiencies so that companies can proactively plan before it costs them hard dollars.

  • Visualization

    Precise & Actionable Insights

    Applied properly advanced analytics can yield returns as high as 30-50x investment within a few months of implementation. Every changing commodity price highlights the real urgency for actionable recommendations.

  • Contract Engineering

    Built-in complex Engineering

    Engineers analyze machines individually and critical time is lost aggregating data from multiple assets that are continually changing. Our recommendations save you that time and maximize cash flow.

  • Complex SCADA system

    Driven by enterprise UX

    The financial results of companies depend on the performance of complex, capital-intensive processes that include a large amount of manual labor. These current methods do not update in real-time and are labor-intensive, costly, and inaccurate.

  • $250 per hour

    0 Billable Hours

    Unlike our competitors, we don’t do billable hours. We earn your business every month through affordable monthly subscriptions.

  • Customer Support

    Problem Solvers

    Our experts make sure that they fix every problem you face. We interact with our clients on an ongoing basis to identify and proactively solve operational problems.

how sotaog works
how sotaog works

Client Testimonials

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  • $6 Billion Market Cap

    Our company was growing rapidly with plans to hire 5 additional engineers at an annual cost excess of $500,000. Implementation of SOTAOG's platform & processes eliminated the need to add those resources and additionally uncovered more inefficiencies in our operations.

  • Publicly Traded on Canadian Market

    Our operations supply 20% of the national gas supply. For the first time, we now have everyone working from the same data. The existing software supplied information but no analysis. SOTAOG's platform is eliminating the manual process associated with our daily nominations, enhancing our reservoir short and long-term analysis.

  • $500 Million Market Cap

    We're switching from our current provider to SOTAOG due to several additional layers of value we get to run our operations and increase our cash flow. Sotaog increased our focus on production and ensuring every day's cash flow is maximized.