Environmental, Social
and Governance

SOTAOG is driving Earth towards healthier, safer and sustainable place for every living being.

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How SOTAOG tackles ESG issues?

ESG is more than just good intentions. We understand the problems faced by companies in terms of managing operations. Our software enables companies to transition from carbon to clean by reducing carbon emissions, adapting to climate changes, and predicting using real-time operational production data, exceeding government requirements.

Monitor Emission Footprints in real-time

Monitoring emission footprints is a crucial but it’s difficult to do so. Our software enables companies to monitor and control emissions in real-time.

Intelligent Carbon Emission Reduction

Our software runs heavy complex algorithms in cloud using real-time operational data and recommend strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

Autonomous ESG reporting

Sotaog’s automatic emission reporting saves you hundreds of hours in creating manual emissions compliance reports (state, federal or global)

Backed by Terabytes
of real-world data to provide
accurate results.