Real-time data Acquisition and 3D visualization

(~ equivalent to SCADA lite)

Valuable impact on Cashflow


What's included

  • Real-time Data Analysis
  • Custom Intuitive 3D Visuals - Digital Twin Modelling
  • Data acquisition
  • Trends
  • Built-in AWS Cyber security
  • Hosted serverless Private could from unlimited field instrumentation such as pressures, temperature, meters, etc
  • 40 man-hours

Plans &
Billing FAQs

One-time affordable setup fee starting at just $2,000 and monthly re-occurring charge according to your plan.

We do that by monetizing real-time data and then adding layers of cost analysis, providing recommendations to ensure operating cash flow is always the highest.

Many Industries, one solution. SOTAOG works with heavy industries like Energy, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Dairy, Chemical and many more.

SOTAOG uses IIoT to extract data from your assets and analyzes it using AI & ML to produce predictive analytics that help you take insightful actions to increase your cashflow. We deliver 10X in 30 days. Know more.

No need to spend any extra money to change your existing sensors.


Take a look at what our clients have to say about us.

$6 Billion Market Cap

Our company was growing rapidly with plans to hire 5 additional engineers at an annual cost excess of $500,000. Implementation of SOTAOG's platform & processes eliminated the need to add those resources and additionally uncovered more inefficiencies in our operations.

Listed on Canadian Market

Our operations supply 20% of the national gas supply. For the first time, we now have everyone working with the same data. The existing software supplied information but no analysis. SOTAOG's platform eliminated the manual process associated with our daily nominations, enhancing our reservoir's short and long-term analysis.

$500 Million Market Cap

We're switching from our current provider to SOTAOG due to several additional layers of value we get to run our operations and increase our cash flow. Sotaog increased our focus on production and ensuring every day's cash flow is maximized.

Why Us?

Delivering additional value for our customers is our priority and we are focused on earning your business every day!

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We deliver 10X ROI
within 30 days

Qualified businesses can start $0 pilots.

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