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Current Problem

Oil & Gas Industry

$200 billion performance gap from lack of production potential maximization & inefficiencies

10 million barrels/day lost due to inability to maximize efficiency of oil & gas operations*


IoT in Chemical Industry is expected to grow globally:

2019 ($48.9 B) → 2024 ($77.9 B)

50%+ of chemical enterprises lack a digital strategy and transformation roadmap

Smart Buildings

$105.8 Billion (by 2024) value of Smart Building Market

$8 billion (2020) Revenue from IoT-enabled Smart building technology

Applied properly, advanced analytics can yield returns as high as 30-50x investment within a few months of implementation

Our SaaS platform helps organizations to maximize operating cash flow by analyzing real-time production data.

Company Profile

SOTAOG is a software company offering many software solutions but mainly focusing on Predictive Analytics in Operations Management. We help companies analyze the whole operation in real-time, mitigate reliability and safety issues, maximize productivity and cash flow through latest technology like Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

In simpler words, we take real-time data from machines (or assets) and run complex algorithms to find hidden patterns in data. By analyzing those patterns, asset performance is measured and predictions are made to get optimum production.

We have demonstrated 30x Return on Investment for our clients within 60 days.

We make Earth Greener every day

We help environment by reducing carbon and methane emissions and reach net zero emissions.

Expand leak detection and repair campaigns.

Upgrade high-emitting devices

Reduce flaring

Reduce venting in new and existing assets