Introducing Sota X

Maximize Cash Flow using
Predictive Optimization

Actionable insights and recommendations to maximize daily cash flow without compromising safety.

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Predictions over guesses

Sota X is a combined system of Industrial IOT and Artificial Intelligence that analyzes the real-time data from field equipment and provides recommendations to optimize operations and maximize daily cash flow.

Features of Sota X

Cash Flow focused

Sota X gives turnkey cash flow recommendations without compromising safety and reliability. Ask us how our machine models provided recommendations to increase cash flow for one of our clients upto 20%

Actionable Insights using
Real-time Analysis

Apart from the real-time data visualisation, Sota X brings in the power of cloud computing and machine learning to perform complex engineering analysis. This helps companies to become proactive instead of reactive.

Predict Operating Cash Flow

Cashflow is predicted by analyzing the following datasets simultaneously with AI/ML algorithms:

  1. Asset static data
  2. Real-time operational data
  3. Variable expenses

No Installation Required
IIOT Cloud Based Platform

No need to install anything or worry about upgrades. Sota X only requires a web browser and internet connection.
Data is stored on secure enterprise-class servers in highly-secure data center.

Backed by Terabytes
of real-world data to provide
accurate results.