Who Are We?


SOTAOG enables heavy industrials do more with less.

We are the Cutting-Edge Energy Analytics that Maximize Value and specifically designed for COOs and their team.

SOTAOG uses the latest innovations in Edge Technology, Cloud Computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to bring digital transformation and smart technology to businesses of any size.


Who We Help?

SOTAOG currently helps owners and operators in a variety of energy industries. And we’re working to adapt our technology to service newly emerging markets.

Why Us?


 We deliver 10X ROI 


Our automated insights let you maximize the value of each asset, improve efficiency and grow revenue.

We offer a one-stop, fully-integrated solution for capturing and transforming field and operational data into real-time business intelligence that helps improve operational response, enhance business decisions and drive revenue growth.

What Do We Do?

Connects Disparate Systems

SOTAOG allows you to connect disparate process control and field monitoring devices into a unified, cloud-based platform. Click here for a partial list of connected assets.

Industry 4.0

SOTAOG features Industry 4.0 capabilities that automate capture of real-time operational data, saving you hundreds of hours in manual data-entry and data compilation.

Powerful Analytics

SOTAOG transforms and analyzes your field and operational data and uses powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics to provide you with well or process optimization recommendations in real-time.

Critical Interdependencies Analyzed

Our solution recognizes the critical interdepencies of machines and their impact on productivity and efficiency. By analyzing these interdependencies, we maximize the production potential of your assets. 

Precise & Actionable Insights

Proactively manage your assets through early warning indicators that pinpoint specific issues and identify potential problem areas.

Real-time Business Intelligence

Consolidate and transform field and front office data (from your accounting, procurement or ERP system) into valuable and timely business intelligence that drives better operational planning and business decision-making.

How We Work?


SOTAOG combines 3 main components to help energy businesses of any size.