How SOTAOG helps companies to maximize cashflow using Sota X?

How SOTAOG helps companies to maximize cashflow using Sota X?

Lots of problems are faced by organizations in managing day-to-day operations like out-of-control overhead costs, unstable operating cash flow, lack of planning, no performance monitoring, etc.

Predictive analytics is very helpful in the field of operations management as it helps in predicting the behavior of certain operations to improve reliability and optimize productivity. Information extracted out of raw form of data can be used to present trends and behaviors that are hidden inside the data.

There are always some hidden patterns in operational data, that if studied carefully can save companies hundreds of dollars in managing operations.

The problem is that humans cannot do this data analytics in real-time, even if we tried to study all those 300 data points of a sensor, it'll take us years to do that, and that too might have some mistakes. That's where SOTAOG's Predictive Analytics comes in. We utilize latest innovations in technology like cloud computing, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence to analyze real-time operational data in the cloud to find those hidden patterns and provide recommendations and actionable insights to increase operating cash flow.

Our machine learning models are always learning through real-time practical data to provide accurate insights to companies.

Organizations are spending millions to become proactive instead of reactive. They want to know exactly when equipment is going to fail in the future to mitigate safety and reliability issues.

For manufacturers, it's very important to identify factors leading to reduced quality and production failures, as well as to optimize parts, service resources, and distribution. Lenovo is just one manufacturer that has used predictive analytics to better understand warranty claims – an initiative that led to a 10 to 15 percent reduction in warranty costs.

We're ready to help industries take full advantage of technology to increase revenue and build a better world.

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