SOTAOG is a leading intelligent enterprise solutions provider, delivering comprehensive smart technology for the oil and gas and heavy industrial industries. The fully integrated SOTAOG platform uses true real-time data, predictive operational analytics and cloud-based edge computing to create the most extensive and flexible Industrial Internet of Things solution on the market. We clearly understand that companies cannot look at the individual parts of their operations, but they must focus on the critical interdependencies to achieve total asset optimization. SOTAOG focuses on each asset’s critical interdependencies and employs proprietary algorithms to provide clear, actionable insights throughout the entire spectrum of business operations, enabling our clients to increase production and efficiency while reducing costs and risk. We focus on adding additional Value! 

Globalization, technology, and access have opened the gates to ‘anything is possible’ and opportunities are bountiful and endless around the world. The US shale business will continue to grow over time, and it incorporates small independents to large E&P companies. It also brings along with it a vast amount of data, complexities and associated projects like facilities and fabrication opportunities. Sometimes this means companies are operating with different legacy systems or trying to do business with “spreadsheets”. If your company seeking to lower operating cost, seeking business process improvements and continuing to seek means to improve returns in this current low-price environment, SOTAOG is the answer.

Our Executive Leadership

Robert Estill

Chairman & President

Global Energy Executive with 30 years of leadership experience including full P&L operations, corporate strategy, business development, corporate support, project management and corporate social responsibility. Robert has led numerous business units encompassing operations in most of the major basins across the US. He provides keen insights on the drivers necessary to improve shareholder returns & deliver impactful business results for companies of all sizes.

Sarah Tamilarasan

Chief Executive Officer

She brings with her over a decade of experience working in the Energy industry, where she is a noted expert in facilities engineering, sensor technology and field operations. Sarah brings unique blend of experience having worked each in a large Fortune 500 company, a small energy independent and a long established IOT company during her career. She is passionate about leveraging technology to improve corporate ROI by integrating real time field operations with the enterprise system. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.