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  • COVID-19 Update

    Houston, TX | April 2020

    This is a very serious event and we pray first and foremost that all of your employees and their families remain safe.

    Operationally it seems we may be back to a “Less is More” environment for the near future. Our industry has weathered down cycles before and we know the focus is on safe operations, lowering cost and cash flow management. If your company is faced with driving operations with less human resources and less capital to deploy, we can assist you in maintaining the safety of those operations while still delivering maximum value. SOTAOG can deliver advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, controls and replace what was once manual tasks with our technology solutions. Give us a call to brainstorm and outline a solution for you.

  • SOTAOG at the Global Startup Grind 2020 Conference
    Cloud team sharing their latest ideas at Startup Grind 2020.

    Sillicon Valley, CA | February 21-23, 2020

    SOTAOG is proud to be an exhibitor at this year’s Global Startup Grind 2020 Conference at the Fox Center in Silicon Valley.

    SOTAOG was selected among thousands of companies who applied and qualified for the Startup Program, which identifies “fast-growth, high potential, early-stage companies built by founders who have what it takes to get the next level.”

    “It is an honor and a great experience for our team to attend this special event that brings together notable startups, tech leaders, and the biggest names at the forefront of innovation”, says SOTAOG President, Robert Estill.

    During the exhibit, SOTAOG was given the unique opportunity to present its game-changing industrial IOT Solution for heavy industrials to over 10,000 people who flew from across the globe to attend. The conference weekend featured 2 full days of nonstop education, inspiration, and invaluable networking spanning 10 stages, 100+ sessions, and social events.

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